Monday, January 3, 2011

From the Archives: September 2009

September can be a disappointing month, marking the conclusion of the boffo summer season, and therefore becoming something of a dumping-ground for films that studios decided didn't deserve the push granted prestige projects during the preceding four months. The indie bomb Extract and the ill-advised remake of Fame certainly fit this profile, as does the gore-laden waste of time dubbed Jennifer's Body ... a horror dud that marked the beginning of the end of Megan Fox's ill-deserved big-screen career.

At the same time, savvy filmmakers recognize that late summer can be an advantageous time for release, precisely because of the limited competition. Quentin Tarantino certainly struck gold with his audacious WWII "what if" flick, Inglourious Basterds, which is glouriously excessive in every possible way ... and an impressive showcase for Christoph Waltz, who went on to win a well-deserved Academy Award for best supporting actor.

My favorite of the month, however, remains The Informant: a hilarious, fact-based saga that gets better with age, and proves once again that truth is stranger than fiction ... and that satire probably is the best way to showcase dirty tricks in the corporate world. Fun, fun, fun.

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