Friday, December 17, 2010

From the archives: October 2009

My tendency to resist mainstream adulation became obvious again this month: a busy 31 days highlighted by big-screen adaptations of two children's books. Where the Wild Things Are got all the loving press, and I found it a complete snooze  not to mention morally suspect  while the far more entertaining Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant got staked at the box office. Go figure.

Michael Moore hectored us again, this time on our country's financial mess, but the poor guy is sounding tired. Indeed; Moore claims this may have been his final rant-filled documentary. (Do we believe him?)

Despite its poor ticket sales, I found Whip It a thorough delight, and have seen it three times thus far. Drew Barrymore may not have gotten much respect nation-wide for her directorial debut, but she certainly has my vote.

The month's treasure, however, is My One and Only: a sleeper scarcely released, all but ignored, and deserving of much greater attention.

Step into the Wayback Machine, and check 'em out:


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